UKT Presents: Soul Slinger n Estefex Going Away Party 3.28.2013

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>>>>>>>>SOUL SLINGER<<<<<<<<<<

While many modern-day American drum and bass DJs fight for the title of “don”, the true American Emperor of Drum and bass is still standing! Frequently referred to as the Russel Simons of the electronic music scene, Soul Slinger the true American electronic music mogul. For years he has been a monumental figure of the past and present state of Electronic Music Culture.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil, Carlos Soul Slinger began his career in the early 1980’s. After many years, looking for new direction, Soul Slinger decided to make the move to New York city. In 1989, Slinger opened along Rey , what was to be one of the most important icons of the American rave culture – the store known as Liquid Sky. Liquid Sky is the original “rave emporium” in the United States. Providing clothing, cosmetics, novelties, mix tapes and vinyl. The trend soon followed across the United States with many other fundamental shops such as Satellite Records, Break Beat Science, Dr Free Clouds Mixing Lab, Pure Acid, and many others.

DJ Soul Slinger quickly followed up the success of the store with a record label – Liquid Sky Music / Jungle Sky Records. Liquid Sky Music has been responsible for some of the most forward-thinking music to emerge from the New York City underground over the decades. In 1994, he released the Jungle Liquid Sky / Ethiopia 12″, being the first release on Jungle Sky Records, and at that, the first American drum and bass production on vinyl. Since then, he has released countless singles, and albums collaborating with everyone from Afrika Bambaataa, Ali Khan, Elliot Sharp, Bill Laswell, Bernie Worell (Funkadelic), Grand Master DST, Derek Bailey, William Burroughs, Ziggy Marley, Dee Lite, Arto Lindsay, Buckethead, DJ Disk, DJ Spooky, Air Liquide, Otto with Bebel Gilberto, Chico Science and Nacao Zumbi, Funk como le gusta, BID ,Cyro Batista,,Suba, Mestre Ambrosio, Soul Coughing, Ben Neil, Neils Peter Molvar, T POWER, Terry Lynn Corrington ,Martin Koller, MC DET, Jamalski, The Swirlies, MINISTRY and others.

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