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Hippo and Estefex’s first cd release

October 11th, 2012 | By Angela

2004 was a big year for the duo Hippo & Estefex. It was the year that the weekly @ Clarks “Turn It Up” was started by the duo and their first of many mix cd’s to be released. After a request by a friend was made of where he could find this first mix cd, I decided to go through my old computer and pull the file off for him. I figured this was the appropriate forum to place the mix for many to enjoy. Hope you all like. This one is for you Jeff!

$100 BullShit

Frenzi 2 Year Anniversary Feat. CALIBRE

June 25th, 2012 | By Angela

 FRENZI 2 Year Anniversary with CALIBRE
CALIBRE – (Belfast, Ireland)
[Signature Recordings | | Soul:r | Deep Medi]

Dominick Martin aka Calibre has been responsible for some of the most beautiful tracks in drum & bass to date and continues to drop jaws worldwide with his sublime and sultry productions. Calibre’s sound has progressed taking in elements of jazz, funk, dub and techno but lost none of it’s soul. His influence in drum & bass has been profound yet Calibre continues to evolve as an artist, exploring new techniques and styles in his music. His sets focus primarily on the deeper, more musical side of drum & bass yet never disappoint the dancefloor. Artists and DJ’s from all corners of the electronic music spectrum constantly remark on Calibre DJ sets restoring their faith in Drum & Bass as a vital musical force.

Often imitated but never bettered, Calibre’s sound remains his own after ten years of producing and releasing drum & bass. A creative force and inspiration to others, he refuses to be pinned down to making music in a single style. His single for the Deep Medi label, run by Digital Mystikz don Mala, received a warm reception in the dubstep scene and has demonstrated once again his diversity as a producer.

Consistently the standout on worldwide lineups, every Calibre set is a unique and much valued experience for all those lucky enough to encounter this visionary in a DJ setting.

DIZZY (a.k.a. Daniel Allen, Austin) & RYNO aka PROXIMA CENTAURI (Reunion Set)

[Tha Purrin Lion | Trill DnB]

[Turn It Up]


4617 Nett St. Houston, TX 77007